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​Father's Day -- June 18

We have lots of great gift ideas beyond flowers, if you'd like to send your loved one something different for a special occasion.  For the foodie, why not have us make up a gift basket of epicurean food products from La Belle Excuse? Throw in some gourmet chocolates, too, from Rogers' Chocolates of Victoria, if you want to make things especially decadent.  For the tea drinker, how about an adorable teapot and some specialty tea blends from Metropolitan Tea of Toronto.  You might also add some Wendell Estate Honey to sweeten it up a bit.

Are you looking for the perfect baby gift?  We carry Sophie La Girafe gift sets from France, as well as Baby Naturals Organic Skincare Products, from British Columbia.  For children a little older, you might consider a fairy door from the Irish Fairy Door Company (though to be honest, most of these have been bought for adults!).

Our scented candles are hand-made from soy wax and essential oils, so they are cleaner burning and longer burning than traditional candles, and the fragrances are rich and full.  Our most popular are "Shiraz," "Strawberry Chocolate," and any of our "Lemongrass" varieties, but we have everything from "Douglas Fir" to "Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice."  Feel free to come in and take a whiff.

Want to give a gift to someone who loves to entertain?  Try a canoe-on-a-lake chip and dip set by Maxwell Pottery, along with some Wicked Gourmet Jalapeno and Cheese dip mix.   

For Mom, we can make up a gift basket of natural skincare products from Bee By The Sea, or perhaps some fragrances from K. Hall Studio?   If Dad likes gadgets, he might like a Galileo thermometer.  We'd seen them in a column before, but these were the first we'd ever seen in a dome.   

Whatever the occasion, whoever the recipient is, we'd be glad to help you try to put together something unique.  Please come in or give us a call (289-438-2235).